10/10/2011 11:25 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Pupils In Free School To Have Lessons From Eton Teachers

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Some of the country's most disadvantaged teenagers will have lessons with staff from the top private schools in the UK.

The Telegraph reports that teaching staff from Eton, Highgate, City of London School and Brighton College will lecture at a new sixth-form college in east London under the free schools system. The London Academy of Excellence will eventually teach 400 students and is being backed by 11 independent schools in the south-east, led by Brighton College.

The paper says that staff from Eton will teach English at the college, while Highgate School teachers will provide maths tuition, and City of London staff will instruct in PE.

The college will be focusing on the tougher A-level subjects such as maths, science, history and geography in a move to get disadvantaged teenagers into top ranking universities.

The free schools programme allows parents, charities, faith organisations and entrepreneurs to set up their own schools outside of local authority constraints. They are funded by the tax-payer, and get almost complete control over their policies on admissions, staff, school day and curriculum.

The Department for Education is to announce details of another eight schools today, which include England's first state-funded bilingual primary school that will spend half of its time teaching in English and half in Spanish for the rest.

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