11/10/2011 07:59 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Artist To Give Birth As Part Of Performance Art Show

Artist Marni Kotak to give birth in gallery as part of exhibition Microscope Gallery 2011

A pregnant artist is planning to give birth in front of an audience as part of a performance art exhibition.

Marni Kotak is expecting her first baby this month, and plans to make her delivery a spectator event at a Brooklyn art gallery.

Ms Kotak says most of her work is 'found performances' as it is based on her daily experiences - her previous exhibitions have seen her reenacting her own birth, losing her virginity and the darker elements of her first marriage.

Now she has converted a space at the Microscope Gallery gallery in Brooklyn into a birthing room, decked out with with her grandmother's bed and old rocking chair. The exhibition is called The Birth of Baby X, and the gallery has warned visitors to be 'prepared to witness a live birth'.

On her website, Marni writes: "In my work, I aim to convey my real experience of life, while simultaneously engaging in authentic shared moments with my viewers who have likely gone through similar or related events'

"The long-term project will ultimately encompass the overall span of the child's life from birth through attending college and developing an independent life," says Kotak.

Wow! Would you ever go and see an exhibition like this?
Could you imagine wanting to make your child's birth an art show?