12/10/2011 13:27 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Watch: Vogue Editor-At-Large Auditions For X Factor

If you've read US Vogue/seen pictures of Anna Wintour/watched The Devil Wears Prada you probably don't tend to think of Anna Wintour as someone who's up for a jolly jape or an office prank. You are, of course, completely wrong. Hamish Bowles (US Vogue's editor-at-large) discovered this when he found the words: "I have signed you up to compete in The X Factor" from The Bob in his inbox.

Sparkly shoes and Zorro-esque eye makeup saw Hamish appear on the show in the guise of Leo Mercuré - a hairdresser from Britain looking to make it big in the States thanks to a rendition of Oops!... I Did It Again.

Perhaps worth bringing up at his next performance review, his look was praised even if his singing was not. "I love the way you look" said Paula Abdul, "You're an exquisite odd bird."

According to Bowles, the judges knew a Vogue editor would be amongst the X Factor hopefuls but weren't given any further details as to which he was. Simon himself professed to have been taken in: "You fooled us, Hamish, so full marks to you."

Oh, and FYI it sounds like Hamish had a chance at a tiny bit of friendly revenge when a publicist inquired as to whether Leo-the-hairdresser had any celebrity clients: "I once gave Anna Wintour a blow-out. She was very difficult. But I get a kick out of making ordinary women look beautiful."

Suddenly our imaginary version of the Vogue office has taken on a new complexion...

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