12/10/2011 13:36 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Were 2 Shoes Dropped From X Factor Because Of Pregnancy?

Singing duo 2 Shoes Getty

The singing duo, 2 Shoes, who were booted out of the X Factor on Saturday night, say they hope pregnancy wasn't to blame.

The Essex duo, Charley Bird and Lucy Texeira, were sent home by their mentor, Tulisa Contostavlos, after the first live show.

Blonde Charley is around five months pregnant, and although she has been open with the judges and producers about her pregnancy, she's worried she was ditched because of it:

'The whole way through I haven't not done things, I've kept going through times that were really, really hard. And I think if it was because of that then that's really, really wrong.

'But Tulisa as a person, I don't think she's like that. She's a very, very beautiful person inside and out.'

The singer had previously said she was going be trying extra hard in the competition to fly the flag for mums-to-be:

' I've got an extra reason to try even harder. I'll be an ambassador for pregnant women. My waters breaking would be hilarious and embarrassing - but I'm sure I'll be fine.'

Do you reckon Charley's bump had anything to do with their exit?
Or could it just be that they weren't all that great to begin with?