13/10/2011 08:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Granny-To-Be Sharon Osbourne Says New Baby Will Call Her Shazza Or Missus O

Sharon Osbourne says don't call me granny! PA

Sharon Osbourne has said her granny-in-waiting status is a 'joy' and a 'blessing' and that she cannot wait to be grandma to son Jack's baby, due in April.

Jack Osbourne announced he was to be a dad two days ago, just a fortnight after getting engaged to his girlfriend Lisa Stelly.

His proud mum Sharon, 59, is never going to be your stereotypical grandma though, and is already clear about what the new addition to the family will call her:

"The baby's going to have to call me Shazza or Missus O," she told US TV show The Talk, "In London, that's Sharon, the abbreviation is Shazza. They call you, 'Shazza.' 'Hello Shazza!' "

Sharon revealed she loved the fact her family was 'growing' and admitted she will probably let the baby get away with 'everything':

"That's what comes with being a grandmother. You can spoil, you can indulge, and then say, 'Okay, now let your parents be the ones to teach you right from wrong. I'm not. What do you want? Have it!' "

And she let slip that 25-year-old Jack was 'overflowing' with joy at the prospect of becoming a daddy, revealing that apart from the obvious nerves, he was 'so excited' that 'his eyes were all teary!'.

Aw, Sharon sounds so excited too - we can't help but wonder what the poor baby will make of Grandpa Ozzy tho...

What do you think of Sharon's plans to be called Shazza or Missus O? Did your mum lay down the law on what your kids would call her? Or was it simply Nanny or Granny?