14/10/2011 07:33 BST | Updated 14/12/2011 05:12 GMT

Next Generation Of Electricity Pylons Unveiled (Pictures)

A T-shaped pylon has been named the winner of a government-backed competition to find a replacement to the country's current structures.

The T-Pylon design, by Danish engineering firm Bystrup, was chosen as the winning entry from a short list of six by a panel including energy minister Chris Huhne.

He said the structure was an "innovative design which is simple, classical and practical. Its ingenious structure also means that it will be much shorter and smaller than existing pylons and therefore less intrusive".

Held in association with the National Grid and the Royal Institute of British Architects, the competition received almost 250 entries which proposed a range of unique designs.

Designs ranged from highly technical and visually impressive entries to radical or eccentric attempts to revolutionise the appearance of Britain's vast power structures.

Bystrup will receive £5,000 prize money and will have its design examined more closely by the National Grid to examine the possibility of practical application across the country.

Pylon Design Competition: Winner Announced