15/10/2011 12:30 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Katie Price Slams Sexy Clothes And Beauty Parlours For Children

Katie Price tells Oxford Union sexy clothes for kids are wrong PA

Katie Price spoken out against the early sexualisation of children, saying she finds make-up, beauty parlours and inappropriate clothing for little girls 'disgusting'.

During an eight-minute address to the Oxford Union, Katie did not hold back as she slammed the industries which make little girls old before their time with fake tans and high heels. The mum-of-three's comments came just days after David Cameron attended meetings to discuss ways to stop children and young people accessing online pornography.

Speaking to students at Oxford, Katie said:

"It is disgusting. I don't agree with it at all. I think surgeons and mums who encourage these young girls to have cosmetic work done, or have fake false boobs, should be shot.

"It's horrible when you see these pictures of young children wearing make-up, having fake tans and so on. It's sad."

A nervous Katie took to stage telling the assembled students "I'm absolutely petrified. I don't really know what to say," before describing herself as a "rich chav" who was as "common as muck."

Defending herself against critics who had slated her in the past for straightening her daughter Princess's hair and photographing her in full make-up, Katie said:

"That photo of Princess wearing make-up was from my sister's Facebook page and was never meant to be made public."

"It was a one-off and I didn't approve it. But Princess loves all that girlie stuff. She and her friends are always raiding my make-up bag, trying on my heels, trying to find new things. I think all little girls are like this. I don't encourage her – it's quite the opposite. I tell her, 'Do as I say, not as I do'.

"Yes, she had her hair straightened. She begged me to do it. I think people assume I'm there every day, irons at the ready, when she comes out the bath, wanting to straighten her hair. I'm not! It makes me mad. Everyone blow dries their little girl's hair and that's all I do – dry it and brush it the way she likes it.

"If Princess said, 'Mummy, I want to have fake boobs', I would say, 'No'. Of course I wouldn't let her. It's sick, it's just wrong."

It's hard to disagree with Katie on this one, isn't it? But do you think people like her speaking out again little girls growing up too soon is helpful, given the image she portrays?