Katie Price Admits: 'I've Ruined My Body'

Katie Price: 'I've Ruined My Body'

She may have made million from flaunting her surgically-enhanced body, but Katie Price has proven once and for all that money, and indeed surgery, doesn't buy you happiness.

In a blunt interview in this week’s Heat magazine, the glamour model has confessed to "ruining her body" with botox, going on sunbeds four times a week, unsuccessful liposuction, thousands of pounds' worth of hair extensions and fake teeth, the latter which fall out when she eats burgers.

Here's what she said:

Are you happy with what you see in the mirror?

"I haven't got much choice, have I? You won't believe me, but in my house there is only one mirror and it's in the bathroom."

You've messed with your body a lot over the years. What do you still do to it?

"I still have Botox every four months, and that's it. I have it down the sides of my eyes – three injections on each side."

Can you move your face?

"I'm not really wrinkly, anyway. I probably don't even need it. I only do it because everyone else has it done. Botox isn't a big deal for me – it's like going shopping."

How often do you use sunbeds?

"Three or four times a week. I love sunbeds – I'm going for one after this shoot. I cane mybody like it's leather!"

Do you protect yourself at all before you go on sunbeds?

"No, nothing. I don't even use the goggles or anything."You had lipo on your legs over ten years ago.

Do you regret it?

"I had it before I had Harvey. I was only about 20 at the time. But it didn't work. I was too skinny."

Where did the surgeons take the fat from?

"There wasn't any to take. It was painful, and it is dangerous – I don't think the surgeon should have done anything to me. Just because I flashed the cash… At the time, I was too lazy to go to the gym."

Has it left marks on your legs?

"[Nods.] I don’t care what it left behind, it just didn't work."

What's been the most painful surgery you've had?

"My veneers. I have to have an anaesthetic just to get my teeth cleaned now, because it hurtsso much. I would never advise anyone to get veneers done."


"They fall out. They've just popped off before when I was eating a burger. They're gluedon, but it has happened."

How many boob jobs have you had?

"I've lost count. About five or six."

Are you happy with the way your boobs look?

"No, they're not right, but I think there's more to life than worrying about my tits. I'd rather buy a horse."

What about your hair?

"I've had extensions for 12 years."

How much do they cost?

"Six grand for a whole head. There are 450 pieces in there. [Looks at Heat proudly.]"

Would you say that you have a vulnerable side?

"Of course I do. I have to be a strong person with the press, but behind closed doors I'm normal and loving. I like having a cuddle."

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The full interview appears in this week's Heat magazine, on sale now.

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