17/10/2011 05:58 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Mum Gives Birth Live On The Internet

Mum gives birth in front of webcam for internet viewers PA

Just days after one mum announced she would give birth in a gallery as part of an art show, another has given birth live on the internet. Nancy Salgueiro, 32, delivered her 6lbs 10oz baby boy in front of a webcam as viewers tuned in from around the globe.

Mum-of-three Nancy, who is a chiropractor and birth coach, announced last month that she would live stream the birth for anyone who wanted to sign up to her website and watch.

Reports claim the site had 13,350 views after the baby boy arrived just after 3am on Sunday.

Nancy posted a message at 12.30am announcing she was in early labour, saying: "We have been in early labour since about 5 p.m. but it's getting late and we need to rest. I will send another email when things get going more intensely or when we get up in the morning, whichever comes first. With my first when I went to rest she was born two hours later."

Around two hours later, Nancy - who lives in Ottowa, Canada - could be seen on the webcam pacing the room as her contractions came two minutes apart and a minute in duration.

She posted a message at 2.40am saying "We are up, baby doesn't want me to sleep."

The little boy arrived at 3.19am in a birthing pool and after just a couple of pushes.

"I can't believe you already came out! That's so crazy," Nancy said. "I'm in total shock right now that I actually have a baby already."

Her two-year-old son Taivus cut the umbilical cord whilst five-year-old daughter Leilani looked on.

The new baby has not yet been named.

So what do you think? Educational or pure exhibitionism?
Would you watch? Would you film your child's birth?