Lily Allen's Latest Pregnancy News

Lily Allen's Latest Pregnancy News


Any woman who's been through the last few weeks of pregnancy will sympathise with heavily pregnant Lily Allen's list of woes.

Back pain, interrupted nights, feeling enormous and unwieldy, yes, eight months pregnant Lily, 26, is well and truly in the last trimester zone.

She took to Twitter to inform her three million followers of her planned lazy day watching box sets: 'Bad back, no sleep. Gah, some Curiously Cinnamon, and then I'm gonna start True Blood, and watch it till my baby shower on Thurs, MEGA !'

Perhaps in pre birth boredom, she even took to posting photos of her sleeping dogs, or 'my boys' Dermot and Ron.

The former singer announced her pregnancy at her wedding to Sam Cooper, 32, in June.

Last month Lily, who suffered anguish when her son was stillborn at six months last November, asked her followers: 'I can't cross my legs anymore, is that normal?'

Let's hope she gets a new energy surge in time for her baby shower in two days.