Two Britons Die In Botswana Plane Crash

Two Britons Die In Botswana Plane Crash

Two Britons were among eight people killed in a plane crash in Botswana, the Foreign Office has confirmed.

A British pilot died in the accident, according to reports, along with seven tourists from Britain, France and Sweden. Four other people, two from France and two from Botswana, survived.

The charter plane in which they were travelling crashed after take-off near an airstrip in north Botswana's Okavango Delta on Friday.

A spokesman for the Foreign Office said that relatives of the two Britons had been contacted and offered consular assistance.

In a statement on its website, Botswana's Civil Aviation Authority said the plane was a Cessna 208 operated by Moremi Air.

Chief executive of the firm Sue Smart told reporters that the pilot was the company's most experienced with more than 12,000 hours of flying.

She said the company had chosen to ground its fleet while the investigation was under way, and added: "We are lost for words, for condolence for the families of the deceased and the pilot's family."


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