Women Will Receive Extra £500 For Their Egg Donation

Women Who Donate Eggs For IVF Will Have Payments Tripled

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority have announced today that women who donate their eggs to infertile couples, will be rewarded an extra £500 in costs.

Women who donate their healthy eggs to couples trying to conceive through IVF currently receive £250 to cover expenses and loss of earnings.

These costs have been reviewed and women will now receive triple the amount plus they'll still be able to claim additional expenses costs.

Women who travel abroad to donate will be rewarded this same fixed rate but will not be eligible for travel costs.

The HFEA believe that the new costs will remove the burden on donating women trying to work out how much money they would have lost. The British Medical Association also agree on the new fixed amount and are hoping this new move will increase the number of women donating their eggs to infertile couples struggling to conceive.

However, some experts have disagreed with the higher payment scheme as they fear that women may donate their eggs for pure financial gain and the human body could be treated as a commodity.

The new donating system in the UK is now the same as Spain but still a way off from the US, where donors are paid up to £3,000 in costs.

Male sperm donors on the other hand are set to suffer a dip in payment. Male donors can currently claim up to £250 in expenses but this is likely to be cut to £35 per visit.

Do you think the HFEA were right to increase the payment to egg donors?

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