20/10/2011 17:55 BST | Updated 20/12/2011 05:12 GMT

Gaddafi's 'Black Flower in the White House' Song For Condoleezza Rice

Colonel Gaddafi once played Condoleezza Rice a video he had made of her set to an original piece of music titled 'Black Flower in the White House', the former US secretary of state has revealed.

The tale is recounted by Rice in an exclusive excerpt of her new memoir 'No Higher Honor,' published by the Daily Beast.

"At the end of dinner, Qaddafi told me that he’d made a videotape for me. Uh oh, I thought, what is this going to be? It was a quite innocent collection of photos of me with world leaders—President Bush, Vladimir Putin, Hu Jintao, and so on—set to the music of a song called “Black Flower in the White House,” written for me by a Libyan composer," she writes.

Rice adds: "It was weird, but at least it wasn’t raunchy."

The somewhat creepy incident occurred when Rice visited Tripoli in 2003 as the West was attempting to draw Libya back into the international community.

Gaddafi's fascination with Rice is well documented. Among the many bizarre items uncovered when Libyan rebels ransacked his Tripoli compound in August was an album filled with photos of the former US secretary of state.

Rice also recounts how she stopped off in Portugal on her way to Libya, where Portugeuse foreign minister Luis Amado warned her: "Don’t be surprised when he says something crazy".