21/10/2011 06:13 BST | Updated 20/12/2011 05:12 GMT

Gaddafi Dead: Did The Newspapers Go Too Far Over Colonel's Killing?

The public lynching of Colonel Gaddafi sent journalists into meltdown and created a media frenzy that would have sent Liam Fox into a cold sweat.

But as the dust settles on what was without doubt a disturbing sequence of events, some are asking if the newspapers went too far.

Sky News "banned" the Daily Mirror's front page from its reviews because it showed a graphic close up photo of the fallen dictator’s corpse.

Here is how some of the national newspaper's reported his death. That's For Lockerbie ... And for Yvonne Fletcher. And IRA Semtex victims, shouted the The Sun.

While, Don't Shoot! Battered and bloody, the tyrant of Libya pleads for his life. Moments later, he was dead - executed with a bullet to the head, The Daily Mail reported.

End of a tyrant led the The Independent with a sequence of pictures which showed his last moments and A mad dog in life but a cowering rat in his last, brutal moments said Metro.

Perhaps most controversial was The Daily Mirror's Don't shoot! Don't shoot! For 42 years Colonel Gaddafi terrorised his own people ... and the world. Yesterday, he died as he lived, shown no mercy as he pleased for this life... But it was the picture of Gaddafi's corpse which sparked most comment.

A tyrant meets his end: Gaddafi is killed by rebel fighters as he flees final stronghold said the The Times. No mercy for a merciless tyrant reported The Daily Telegraph. And so what soberly The Guardian headlined Death of a dictator