21/10/2011 13:15 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Horrific Footage Of Two-Year-Old Girl Run Over TWICE In China

Horrific footage of toddler girl run over TWICE in China YouTube

Shocking footage showing a little girl being mown down TWICE by vehicles in a narrow street in China, as passers-by ignore her lying in the road bleeding and critically injured, has emerged.

Eventually - but only after two vans have hit her - a female rubbish collector drags the toddler to the roadside before her mother arrives on the scene. The woman was the 19th person to pass the child and see her in the road.

The two-year-old girl had apparently wandered off as her mother went to collect laundry.

Yue Yuem is now in a coma in hospital after the appalling events in Foshan city, Guandong province, where reports from the local English language newspaper claim she is brain dead and could die at any time.

Both the drivers who ran over her have now been arrested.

The incident has caused outrage amongst locals and internet users who have seen the footage online, but as commenters branded those who passed Yue Yuem by as no better than 'pigs and dogs', the China Daily newspaper reported that often people will not come to the aid of others for fear of incurring costs or being blamed for the accident.

Warning: The video on YouTube has graphic content.

UPDATE: The little girl has died. Read the full story here.

HOW appalling that 19 people could pass this little girl by?