Gaddafi Death: Daughter Aisha Told 'Old Fuzzhead Is Dead' By NTC Fighter

'Old Fuzzhead Is Dead' - How Aisha Gaddafi Heard Her Father Was Dead

A fighter for Libya's interim government reportedly told Aisha Gaddafi "Old Fuzzhead is dead" when she rang his phone to find out where her father, the former dictator, was.

Aisha, 34, rang the colonel's phone last Thursday after reports emerged he had been captured in his hometown of Sirte, the Daily Mail reported.

A commander told the newspaper that a fighter for the National Transitional Council (NTC) answered the phone, referring to her father as "Abu Shafshufa", a nickname for the former leader which means Old Fuzzhead in Arabic.

But he added that it was "shameful" that Gaddafi's daughter should have found out in such a way.

Aisha, known as the "Claudia Schiffer of North Africa" in the regional press, fled to Algeria in August, as Tripoli fell to anti-Gaddafi forces.

Meanwhile a dispute as to how Gaddafi should be buried is still raging among members of the interim government.

The colonel's body is being kept in a freezer in the city Misrata until a decision is made. There has also still been no definitive conclusion as to the exact circumstances surrounding how Gaddafi was killed.


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