25/10/2011 04:58 BST | Updated 24/12/2011 05:12 GMT

Colonel Gaddafi Given Secret Burial In Libyan Desert, Officials Say

Colonel Gaddafi has been buried at an undisclosed location in the Libyan desert, five days after he was killed near his hometown of Sirte.

According to Al Jazeera the deposed dictator's body was taken from a freezer in the city of Misrata where it had been on display until Monday night.

Thousands of Libyans had queued to see the body as proof that he was dead.

National Transitional Council officials told the broadcaster that Gaddafi's son Mutassim and a former aide have been buried along with him.

Libya's interim government had been keen to keep the location of his grave secret in order to prevent it from becoming a shrine.