25/10/2011 10:24 BST | Updated 25/12/2011 05:12 GMT

Scariest Games For Halloween

Forget lollies for the trick or treaters, carved jack-o-lanterns and quaint pranks on Halloween, it's time to scare yourself witless with the most terrifying games ever made.

Adorable pumpkin outfits begone, let's revel in the terror of Silent Hill's haunted rooms, Dead Space's unrelenting zombies and Alien versus Predator's slicing blades.

Remember when Wolfenstein was the most frightening thing on the small screen? How we flinched at that olde worlde first-person shooter back in the nineties. Now Man Hunt 7's full remit of human on human executions rather make that Nazi hunt look like a lolcat picnic.

This compilation is made up of the games that frighten the wits out of the gamers here at the Huffington Post UK. We've left out the suggestion of PacMan. That suggestion may have come in from our office dog, who is essentially scared of his own shadow.

Rate the games from most to least terrifying.

Which game scares the proverbial out of you? Do we have it here? Let us know in comments below.