26/10/2011 13:59 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

In The Pink: Awkward Style Moment For The Queen Down Under

Either the Queen is dressing up as a Melbourne Royal Children's Hospital nurse or the nurses have come dressed as the Queen. Either way someone missed a memo.

OR... it's a Grease tribute act and the Queen is Rizzo and the nurses are the other Pink Ladies.

In the pink: Awkward style moment for the Queen Down Under Photo: Getty Images

Actually that would be amazing.

The nurse just to the right of the Queen's hat would be Frenchy and she would take the blonde nurse into the girls' toilet to pierce her ears for her but the blonde nurse would get sick and everyone would sing a song about it.

Then the Queen would break up with Kenickie (who is Prince Philip in this scenario) and they would both attend a state dinner with other people to make each other jealous. The Queen would bring Barack Obama and Prince Philip would bring Theresa May.

Theresa May would go on to win a dancing competition with John Travolta (who is dating the blonde nurse) and John Travolta would humiliate Barack Obama in a car race.

Towards the end of the Australian tour the Queen and Prince Philip would reunite following a pregnancy scare and the blonde nurse would abandon nursing for a career that enables her to wear a leather catsuit and smoke cigarettes.

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