27/10/2011 07:23 BST | Updated 26/12/2011 10:12 GMT

Sussex Police Offer 24-Hour Live Feed Of 'Force At Work'

A police force is to broadcast non-stop, live video streaming of its work for 24 hours in what is believed to be a world first.

Using mobile phones, laptops and a free, live video streaming application, the "day in the life" account of Sussex Police's activities will run on the force's website.

As part of Sussex Police People: Live, regular updates and comments will also be added by Chief Constable Martin Richards, along with a live view from car and foot patrols.

Some live streams may be cut or muted for legal reasons but Sussex Police broadly aims to broadcast the challenges its officers and staff face on a daily basis.

Greater Manchester Police broke new ground last year by using Twitter to post details of every incident reported over a 24-hour period.

But Sussex Police's project, which starts from 6am on Friday, is understood to be the first time any force in the world has broadcast non-stop live video streaming of its work.

Mr Richards said: "The technical side is interesting but what's most important is how this will help us speak and listen to local people in the best ways possible.

"We're making innovative use of technology, but not at the expense of other effective methods. It's a time of extraordinary change for policing, with important questions being asked nationally about the transparency and accountability of police forces.

"We will show the public aspects of policing that they might not know about, and offer new ways for them to share their views with us, through a personal window on the thoughts, feelings and experiences of our police officers and staff."

The public will be able to interact with the digital experiment via web chats, interactive walkabouts and the ability to direct cameras, as well as on Twitter, using the hashtag #SPPlive.