28/10/2011 10:01 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Eight-Year-Old Girl Mugged For TEN PENCE By Man In His 40s

Eight-year-old girl mugged for TEN PENCE by man in his 40s PA

A little girl of eight was mugged for TEN PENCE by a man in his forties.

The sickening attack happened yesterday as the youngster - who has not been named - visited a newsagents to buy sweets in Dalston, East London.

The terrified schoolgirl had her remaining cash snatched by the man just as she left the shop.

The 'scruffy' male is said to have grabbed the little girl and prised her fingers open for the money.

It is thought he trailed her along the road from the shop for around 100 yards before pouncing.

Police say they are hunting a man of around 40, of medium build with shoulder-length dreadlocks.

The little girl was scared but unharmed.

One disgusted local man told the Sun the attack brought things to a 'new low' in area.