28/10/2011 14:17 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Last Minute Halloween Party Tricks (And Treats!)

Anatomically Correct Bleeding Heart by Lily Vanilli. Photo: Miss Cakehead

If you've invited your entire list of Facebook friends over for a Halloween party but are now panicking because you've done next to nothing in the way of preparation beyond collecting various half-empty bottles of horrifyingly coloured spirits purchased on holiday and googling "pumpkins" a few times then Team MyDaily is about to come to the rescue!

Miss Cakehead (the woman behind the gory but delicious Eat Your Heart Out event) has given us a whole selection of handy tips and tricks for a last minute Halloween party using stuff you've got lurking at the back of the cupboard as well as bits and bobs you can pick up at your local supermarket.

Here's your emergency Halloween shopping list:

Dried cranberry scabs

Dried cranberries are probably hiding somewhere at the back of your cupboard - we have half a bag of the things leftover from an aborted health kick - and they look disturbingly like scabs - put into a bandage-lined bowl and perhaps add some golden raisins for pus-filled versions.

Pashmak human hair

Pashmak is basically really fine candy floss which looks like human hair. You probably don't have it at home but you can pick it up from places like Selfridges. Orange blossom makes for a light ginger, saffron doubles as blonde and chocolate makes for a respectable rendition of brunette. Try sticking a strand or two to a cranberry scab for extra ick.

Guacamole snot dip

Slimy and green, just pop a tub of guacamole into bowl and add a 'snot dip' label. If you're willing to risk getting a mouthful of damp paper towards the end of the evening, line the bowl with mansize tissues first...

Hummous nappy dip

Brown food colouring plus hummous and you end up with a delicious but entirely disgusting-looking dip. For extra foulness serve in a nappy instead of a bowl. Truly dedicated party hosts can also add a doll.

Rotten legs and bat wings

Add a green-coloured glaze to chicken drumsticks to create rotten legs, while a black-coloured glaze on chicken wings creates bat wings.

Nigella's Hokey Poke solid sick

Nigella's Hokey Poke gives a great rendition of solidified vomit before you break it up so serve whole and let guests attack it with a toffee hammer. for solidified bile add a touch of green food colouring to the recipe.

Fizzy ditch water

Create fizzy ditch water by simply relabelling bottles of lemonade. Alternatively, make a bowl of punch and add ice cubes made with a drop or two of black food colouring. As they melt the punch will look increasingly foul.

Butterscotch Angel Delight with spooky toppings

Mix up butterscotch angel delight and serve with a variety of weird and wonderful sprinkles - condensed dog wee (caramel sauce), ghost poo (mini marshmallows) and ear wax (fudge).

TOP TIP: Presentation is the key to a fab Halloween party table so consider using unusual serving implements - hospital sick bowls as plates, for example...

And to have a look at what can be achieved with an oven, a heap of marzipan and a giant dollop of creativity, just check out the gallery below:

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