28/10/2011 13:30 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Where'd The Bump Go? Beyonce Shows Off Pre-Pregnancy Figure In Party Video

The problem with a celebrity pregnancy is that it destroys the illusion that everything that is released is fresh and current. Take, for example, Beyonce's video for Party:

Beyonce is currently pregnant with her first child - possibly and allegedly a girl - and is nursing quite the bump, however this video, shot back in August is conspicuously sans baby belly.

Now, we're not saying Beyonce should subvert the laws of space and time just to maintain maternal consistency to stop us from having to do some tiresome 'thinking' (although she clearly should), we're just saying it's a bit odd to watch given we're now constantly on baby bump alert.

Oh, and a few observations about the video itself:

1. What is swagoo? It sounds vaguely unhygienic.

2. Why is she releasing a summer party song in the middle of October?

3. If you're planning on joining Beyonce for a spot of party prep you will need: hair foils; a leopard print corset; bubble mixture.

4. Beyonce spends party season living in a trailer and cooking omelettes.

5. When Beyonce is floating about on a lilo in a paddling pool no-one swims anywhere near her. We are now speculating as to the possible reasons for this.

6. This could be any fake music video party from the early 2000's

7. Kudos to her for actually having two people she knows in real life at her fake party (Solange Knowles and Kelly Rowland).

8. J Cole takes a while to get going judging by some of the lyrics: "We don't cause trouble, we just ride Bugatti".

9. Beyonce spends a lot of her fake party alone in bed and in the toilet...

10. ...Before mowing the lawn wearing just her pants and a bright yellow fur coat.

11. You are never too famous to make rabbit ears behind your friend's head.

Anything to add? Just let us know!

And for more Beyonce style, just check out the gallery below: