Paraglider Vs. Eagle: Bird Snares Daredevil's Chute In Terrifying Clip (VIDEO)

Jumping off a mountain in the Himalayas attached to a few square metres of canvas might be scary, but at least you'll be sure of some serious 'alone time'... right?

Well, as one paraglider recently found out on a flight above the Indian Himalayan foothills, that's not always true.

This adventurer's journey in the sky was rudely interrupted when two giant eagles apparently mistook his craft for a rival, and hit the paraglider's slings.

One of the birds became tangled in the chute, sending the pair tumbling straight to the ground.

Fortunately this was no amateur daredevil. Using an emergency chute, and riding his luck, he made it to the ground apparently uninjured - and even the bird made it out okay in the end.

Take a look at the incredible video posted on YouTube on 29 October above.