31/10/2011 17:57 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Angellica Bell Pregnancy Was A 'Whoopsie Moment' Accident!

Angelica Bells reveals details of the 'whoopsie' moment that got her pregnant!

Seven months pregnant TV presenter Angellica Bell has 'fessed up that her pregnancy was an accident that left her in 'so much shock!'

Angellica - who wed fellow TV star Michael Underwood in December, 2010 - was planning to start trying for a baby 'later this year' but had a 'whoopsie' moment when she came back from filming reality endurance show 71 Degrees North!

The 34-year-old tells this week's new! mag: 'It was a whoopsie moment when I got back from 71 Degrees North - it happened the day I finished filming! My body clock was a bit messed up after a month in Scandinavia. I was in so much shock when I found out the date we'd conceived!'

Angellica also reveals her early pregnancy was not all plain sailing, with three weeks of nausea which kept her indoors, sleeping and eating - and then came the food cravings!

'For a week I wanted Heinz tomato soup all day, every day! Then another week, I had lots of cheese on toast. One thing I'm surprised by is that I've gone off sweets!'

With just weeks to go before the baby is due to arrive on December 19, Angellica says she is 'sometimes' nervous at the thought of the birth: 'Sometimes I'm alright and sometimes I have panic attacks thinking about the labour.'

And whilst Michael is keen for her to have a water birth, Angellica has not yet thought about her birth plan, but worries that a water delivery would prevent her from walking around, and leave her frustrated.

She has decided she is 'really going to try' to breastfeed though, saying she thinks it will be 'nice' and hopefully a great bonding experience, but adds she is going into it with an 'open mind'.

And as for the sex of their forthcoming baby, the excited mum-to-be has absolutely no preference!

'A healthy baby is enough,' she says, whilst admitting 'I'm sort of at the stage of realising that it's coming soon! We're going to have a Christmas bundle!'

Aw, bless!

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