31/10/2011 04:41 GMT | Updated 30/12/2011 05:12 GMT

Danica May Camacho, World's 'Seven Billionth' Child, Born In Philippines

A baby born in the Philippines has been chosen as the world's symbolic 'seven billionth person' by the United Nations.

Danica May Camacho was delivered just before midnight on Sunday at Manila's Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital weighing 5.5 pounds.

Danica was welcomed with a blast of camera flashes from the world's media.

"She looks so lovely," said the baby's mother, Camille Dalura, as she held the tiny baby, reported AFP.

"I can't believe she is the world's seventh billion."

It had been hoped that the baby would arrive exactly at the stroke of midnight but Danica had other ideas, and was born two minutes early.

The baby and her parents, Dalura and Florante Camacho, were met by United Nations officials who gave the child a small cake.

She also received more substantial gifts, including a scholarship grant and a 'livelihood package' to help her parents to set up their own business.

Danica was also introduced to the 12-year-old Lorrize Mae Guevarra, who was named the world's symbolic six billionth baby in 1999.

"I am very happy to see this cute baby. I hope like me she will grow up to become healthy and well loved by everyone," Guevarra said.

The Philippines is the 12th most populous country on Earth, with 94.9 million people, according to the UN Population Fund's State of the World Population Report.