31/10/2011 07:26 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Frock Horror: Jaime Winstone Reveals A Tad Too Much In See-Through Dress

Yikes. Jaime Winstone let it all hang out at Elton John's Grey Goose Winter Ball over the weekend, arriving in a completely see-through dress which left very little (i.e. nothing) to the imagination...

Jaime Winstone at Elton John's Winter Ball Frock horror: Jaime Winstone arriving at Elton John's Winter Ball over the weekend. Photo:PA

Now we're aware that it was Halloween weekend, and that therefore dressing up as 'something sexy' is essentially mandatory in celeb-ville, but we're finding it hard to a) excuse or b) even understand this frock horror.

Ms Winstone arrived at Elton's annual soiree (we've been before, and swear it used to be a swanky affair) in this sheer embellished maxi, complete with Dracula-esque velvet cape, gothic makeup and high-waist Bridget Jones pants.

It's not often we're rendered speechless, but, erm...

See who else graced Elton's winter soiree here (and judging by the guest list, Elton's a fan of Corrie and Hollyoaks. But not Eastenders):

While we don't recommend one as sheer as Jaime's we do like the thought of a glam black Halloween maxi:

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