01/11/2011 13:58 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Beyonce And Baby Bump Dress Up As A Halloween Bumble Bee

Cute! Sorry slightly-scary Heidi Klum, and pretty-poisonous Kim Kardashian, but we think Beyonce and her bump have just beaten you to be crowned MyDaily's Most Favourite Celebrity Halloween Costume.

Beyonce dressed as a bee at the Gypsy Halloween party A busy bee: Beyonce arriving at the Gypsy Halloween party in New York last night. Photo:Rex Features

The mum-to-bee (sorry) was in attendance at the Kanye West-hosted Gypsy Halloween party in New York last night, and arrived dressed as a cute fuzzy bumble bee (or should that be Queen Bey?) - complete with padded bee dress, wiggly bee feelers and stripy bee shoes.

Bet she was buzzin'. (Again, sorry.)

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