Harper's Bazaar Crowns Kate Middleton Queen Of Style - Kate Moss, Keira Knightley Also On List

01/11/2011 16:10 GMT | Updated 01/01/2012 10:12 GMT

The Duchess of Cambridge has had her share of fashion disasters and delights in the near-decade she has weathered the public magnifying glass on her every sartorial move.

But this year, she has experienced unprecedented triumph. This obviously doesn't refer to her recent marriage to the second in line to the monarchy of the realm. Never mind that. No, the girl we once knew as Kate Middleton - her with the suede boots for EVERY occasion - has been christened Queen of Style by one of fashion's Holy Bibles - Harper's Bazaar.

The high-end magazine has put HRH at the top of its annual Britain’s Best Dressed 2011. Harper’s Bazaar’s panel of judges described Catherine’s style as an “incredible style evolution that has gripped us all".

The judging panel - a collection of luminaries from the fashion industry - selected 20 women who "continue to represent British style that is peerlessly elegant and gloriously unpredictable". So who got a doffed cap for their delicious turnout?

Click through our Slideshow from 20 to 1, and vote for who you think should be top of the classy catwalk:

The December issue of Harper's Bazaar, featuring the full 2011 Best Dressed List, is on sale 3 November.