Gemma Arterton Joins Fight To Save A Billion Trees With Sky Rainforest Rescue

Gemma Arterton Joins Fight To Save A Billion Trees

Former Bond girl Gemma Arterton has visited the Amazon rainforest to highlight the scale of the on-going destruction.

She joined forces with the Sky Rainforest Rescue campaign to save a billion Amazonian trees over three years. Arterton went to see the progress that is being made to help tackle deforestation.

A free exhibition to highlight the problem has now opened at London's Somerset House showing photographs of the trip from earlier this year.

Global deforestation is responsible for up to 15% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions - roughly the same as all the world's cars, planes, trains and ships put together.

Not only that, but The Amazon is home to 40,000 plant species, which rely on the forest's delicate ecosystem to survive.

The idea of the campaign is to make it more profitable for locals to make a living from sustainable farming.

Travelling to the rainforest and being a part of trying to rectify the destruction is "something that I will treasure forever", Arterton reflected after her trip.

The public can make donations of any amount to Sky Rainforest Rescue. For more information visit:


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