01/11/2011 11:55 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Hot Or Not: SJP's Watercolour-Print Vera Wang

Sarah Jessica Parker has been on the promo trail for I Don't Know How She Does It for so long that when we saw these pictures of her Down Under in her bright yellow Vera Wang dress we assumed it was a photocall for a new film. It isn't.

Anyway, back to the topic in hand: Is the dress hot or not?

Hot or not: SJP's watercolour-print Vera Wang Photo: Getty

We'd like to venture a 'not'. Mostly because, rather than adding a pleasing touch of abstract colour, the central watercolour-print makes it look like SJP is wearing a plain yellow silk dress that got horribly stained in transit.

The overall effect is that Vera Wang took the Prabal Gurung Resort 2012 dress the actress wore in London and separated out the colours by dipping the end of the dress in acetone. It's a technique she learned in high school when her class did that paper chromatography experiment.

Hot or not: SJP's watercolour-print Vera Wang Photo: Getty

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