01/11/2011 17:59 GMT | Updated 01/01/2012 05:12 GMT

Review: 'Jamie's Great Britain' Goes To Yorkshire - Does He Still Have The Common Touch?

Jamie Oliver's latest food-filled series features the world-famous chef on the road to find out what makes British food great. On Tuesday, the naked chef went to Yorkshire, the home of puddings and a good strong brew.

In this week’s episode, Oliver pitches up in the Dales to hear how Yorkshire puddings were traditionally served before a proper dinner because "people couldn’t afford meat and veg". They were also “good stomach-stuffers”, we find out.

His latest cookbook, Jamie's Great Britain - written off the back of this Channel 4 series - is hot favourite to top the Christmas sales list, despite fierce competition from a clutch of celebrity autobiographies.

Since he first found fame with TV show's The Naked Chef and Jamie's School Dinners, Oliver has gone on to become an ambassador for Sainsbury's, as well as lending his name to merchandise, including the Flavour Shaker.

A chain of lucrative restaurants - Jamie's Italian Kitchen – have secured the 36-year-old the position of the UK's richest TV chef, with an estimated fortune of £106 million, according to the Sunday Times Rich List.

However, if Jamie's fame and fortune has left him out of touch with the common man, it's hard to tell from this series.

The people of Yorkshire greet him with open arms, as he tells the pub locals "you know I grew up in a pub?" They offer him some of their prized "yorkies" and it's clear he has still got the gift of the gab (or he's very good at faking it).

When a Jewish lady offers him some of her traditional chicken soup he tastes it and, instead of making some poncey remark ("there are so many diverse undertones in this delicate medley"), he simply says: "Mmm, yum yum".

He still calls people "mate" and he's still politically incorrect - there must be a law about telling an Asian boy cleaning out dregs from a beer vat that he looks like something out of Slumdog Millionaire?

Even if you don't like Oliver's manner, you'll learn something new from this show - smoked salmon is Jewish.