02/11/2011 08:53 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

14-Year-Old Drag Queen Is Taking The Stage By Storm

14-year-old drag queen is taking the stage by storm SWNS

Meet Tom Adams, the 14-year-old drag queen with big ambitions.

The teenager from Hartlepool is bullied at school for his passion to dress-up, but is determined to follow his heart and become a full-time performer.

After playing dress up with his mum Sharon's lipsticks and high heels aged two, Tom started regular dance classes at 10, and began his drag act last year, after a recommendation from his teacher.

He now performs as his alter ego, 'Tamara'.

Tom, who idolises Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, says performing as Tamara feels 'natural'.

"I love to entertain and this feels natural. I don't want to be a woman but I like the feeling of being in drag, it's glamorous.

"Girls have so many fun accessories and I love trying them on. It doesn't matter what the bullies say, I'm my own person and this is what I enjoy. I was worried what people might think at first, but as soon as I had my false eyelashes on I loved it.

"Getting ready felt so exciting. I love everything from the false nails to the lipstick - I feel comfortable dressing up in woman's clothes and I like transforming myself."

Tom's mum Sharon says her son's act is completely the little lad's own idea, saying:

"I didn't give him the idea, it was all his. He never wanted to play football or rugby. Tom loved to dance ballet, jazz and tap. He's really outgoing so we encouraged him. It was completely his decision."

Sharon also says she was very proud when Tom first strutted his stuff as Tamara in front of her and Tom's dad, Jason.

"I felt so proud, he was wearing a short blue dress, false boobs, a short blonde wig and high heels.

'He had false nails, eyelashes and green eye shadow - the works. It didn't freak me out a bit, it was an amazing performance."

Tom, who has racked up four gigs dressed as Tamara, is currently preparing for his latest show, and says the school bullies won't stop him living his dream on stage:

"Of course the bullies get to me sometimes. They call me a 'girl' and 'gay'. I love how outrageous Lady Gaga is and how Katy Perry looks.

"That's how I'd like to look in drag. Some of the judges in our dance competitions even think I am a girl. I don't mind, it's nice to think I look so glam."

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