02/11/2011 08:17 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Michael Jackson's Children 'Cherish' Their Dad's Memory Every Day

Michael Jackson's children Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II PA

Michael Jackson's children talk about their father every day, and cherish their father's memory, the late singer's sister has revealed.

Michael's three children, Prince Michael, Paris, and Blanket are now cared for by the late singer's mum, Katherine. His older sister, Rebbie has spoken about the children's lives in a new interview, saying they are doing well and enjoy talking about their dad.

She said: "Every day, all the time when I'm around them, they say, 'Dad used to do this, Dad used to say it like that'. You hear it all the time."

Rebbie also revealed Paris, Prince and Blanket are coping well with the media coverage around the current trial of Michael's doctor, Conrad Murray:

"I've been around them and seen how they are and aware of it. They're dealing with it from what I understand, what I've seen, as best can be expected."

The children's grandmother, Katherine, recently spoke about how she is bringing them up after a tough few years, saying:

"I'm happy when Paris and Prince come home from school happy. Prince is a very good student. He's always saying: 'Grandma I got a 98 in my test'. It makes me happy to see them smile."

Isn't it wonderful to hear the three of them are doing so well?