02/11/2011 09:33 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

SJP Wins Us Back With An Amazing Hat, A Sparkly Dress And A Shoe

If you cast your minds back to yesterday, you'll recall we said we weren't hugely keen on Sarah Jessica Parker's latest I Don't Know How She Does It outfit (a yellow Vera Wang). Well, it seems the fashion favourite has had some time to reflect on her actions and has returned to make amends with vast hats, shiny dresses and excellent shoes. Hurrah!

First up: an amazing hat of amazingness.

Photo: Getty Images

SJP made a bold statement (the statement here being "LOOK AT MY HAT") with this Philip Treacy design at the VRC Oaks Clup Ladies Luncheon. The dress was a Chanel tweed button-through and the shoes were plain black heels so you're not missing much given we've cropped them out in favour of the hat.

Next: purple sparkles

SJP wins us back with an amazing hat, a sparkly dress and a shoe Photo: Getty Images

A purple foiled dress with a pleated skirt for the Melbourne premiere of IDKHSDI. The dress says "This is an awesome dress" and the set of SJP's shoulders and the iron grip on her black clutch says "I am a promoting MACHINE".

Finally: A single extravagant shoe
sarah jessica parker yellow shoe

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The shoe - a yellow and green snakeskin Tony Bianco stiletto - came courtesy of a fan. The extra embellishment is the handiwork of Melbourne milliner Kerrie Stanley. Gruelling research reveals that the actress was actually presented with a pair of the shoes but only posed with one. Somehow this makes us less excited.

We don't fancy ending on a sad note so let's go back to the hat:

sarah jessica parker hat
Photo: Getty Images

Yellow strappy heels AND purple sequinned party dresses can be found (along with much more) in the MyDaily store:

More SJP style can be found in our fab fashion gallery below: