100 Children Sent Home From School For Wearing Wrong Type Of Shoes

100 Children Sent Home From School For Wearing Wrong Type Of Shoes


A school in Manchester has sent home 100 pupils for wearing the wrong type of SHOES.

For two days this week, staff at Failsworth School have sent kids back home if they have turned up for lessons in trainers or canvas footwear.

Teachers say they warned mums and dads that they would be clamping down on the flouting of uniform regulations both before the summer holidays and the recent half-term.

The school says it wants its students to dress with a 'business-type look'.

Headteacher John Meagher said school uniform helps give kids a sense pride in the school and claims it is cheaper to source than fashion clothing.

Speaking to The Manchester Evening News, he said: 'Following discussion between parents, governors, teachers and pupils the school and governors felt it was the right time to reaffirm the school uniform policy.

'It is made really clear when joining Failsworth about standards set and expected by the school and which are supported by the vast majority of our community.

'Any student not meeting the uniform standards will be welcomed back as soon as they have resolved this issue.

"If there is any parent with particular hardship issues with regards to this we will look at individual cases and be able to support them in the short term.'

The school said it made the new measures clear to both students and parents, with mums and dads then sent two text messages in addition about the standards of appearance expected. They also sent two more letters home to parents and guardians before the October half-term holiday, warning of the consequences if children did not meet the uniform criteria.

Not all mums and dads are happy with the change in policy - one outraged parent told the paper: 'They sent my child home but I don't get paid until Friday so how can I get a new pair of shoes?'

'I don't see what their shoes has to do with learning, you can't see their feet when they're in classrooms anyway.'

What do you think? Over-zealous, or an impressive zero excuses policy on discipline and appearance?