Katie In Red: Duchess Dons A Bright Coat For Visit To Unicef Facility

Katie In Red: Duchess Dons A Bright Coat For Visit To Unicef Facility

The Duchess of Cambridge donned a red coat as she joined her husband Prince William on a visit to a Unicef facility in Denmark today. The couple were there to view food and medical supply distribution efforts for those affected by food shortages in eastern Africa.

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The artist formerly known as Kate Middleton opted for an eye-catching three-quarter length red L.K Bennett coat for the occasion, combined with her favourite - L.K Bennett suede boots in chocolate brown.

We think the choice is probably equal parts "It's a warm coat and I'm really cold" and "This is the only warm thing I own which matches Prince William's Remembrance Day poppy". Indeed it's rather too good a match - between the scarlet coat and the tumble of curls you can hardly make out the Duchess's own flower.

Prince William appears to be pretending (not very well) that he is absolutely fine without a coat and that he doesn't at all regret leaving it in the car.

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SIDENOTE: We are worried that all that speculation about whether her childhood scalp scar was actually evidence of a hair weave means Kate will never experiment with different hairstyles ever again. Sad times.

What do you think of the royal in red?

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