Schoolgirl Suffers Second Degree Burns In Science Lesson Explosion

Schoolgirl Suffers Second Degree Burns In Science Lesson Explosion


A 13-year-old schoolgirl could be scarred for life after suffering second degree burns during a science lesson.

Ashely Cherry's face appears to have been engulfed in flames after her hair caught fire whilst working on a science lab experiment at her school.

The youngster has been told she will need several operations to reconstruct her damaged face - something her parents say they will struggle to afford, as the $50 a day medication she is presently on to treat the burns is already causing them financial hardship.

Ashley, from Oklahoma City, was reportedly burned when flammable liquid exploded in her face. Her teacher put out the flames with a fire extinguisher and a burn blanket.

The school have launched an investigation, but so far believe the correct procedures in terms of safety were carried out.

The Daily Mail - who have published pics of Ashley's terrible injuries - report her devastated parents as saying they are 'beyond angry' at what has happened to their daughter.

Her mother Kim said: 'It's beyond angry there is not a word to describe it. It doesn't make sense to me that the teacher was performing the experiment and doesn't have any injuries whatsoever.

'Yet my daughter walks away with injuries all over her face, her neck, her hands, her hair is half gone.

'No I don't feel safe. The kids should've been wearing protection.'

Ashely says she is worried that her face will be permanently scarred from the accident:

'I don't know what my scars are going to be like, or discoloration on my face or how my hair is going to turn out to be.'

What a terrible thing for a child to go through!

Surely kids should always have goggles and masks on during science lesson practicals?