Girl Turns 11 At 11 Minutes To 11 On 11.11.2011

Girl Turns 11 At 11 Minutes To 11 On 11.11.2011


Schoolgirl Tamsin Poppy Jarvis will celebrate her 11th birthday next week - at 11 minutes to 11 o'clock on the night of 11.11.2011.

Amazingly, Tamsin was even born in ROOM 11 when she popped into the world on Remembrance Day eleven years ago.

Her mum, Sara, 41, a hairdresser from St Agnes in Cornwall told the Daily Express she was unaware of the significance of the date when she first gave birth, but after midwives read out the baby's date and time of arrival, she realised her little girl had been born on a very special date - and gave her the middle name Poppy to commemorate it.

Sara told reporters: 'I didn't notice the significance until they read out her time of birth. It was obviously our lucky number. She is proud of its ­historical connections.'

Birthday-girl-to-be Tamsin is looking forward to a disco at her local village hall to celebrate her special day, and said that her friends think her birth date is 'cool'.

Sweet! Did you have - or are you - a Remembrance Day baby, or do you have another significant date of birth?