Kym Marsh Returns To Work But She's Not Getting Much Sleep With Baby Polly!

Kym Marsh Returns To Work But She's Not Getting Much Sleep With Baby Polly!


Kym Marsh has returned to work on Coronation Street but has revealed she is not getting much sleep at night - thanks to new baby Polly!

Speaking to the Radio Times, Kym - who plays Michelle Connor in the soap - says that teething has meant that Polly's sleep routine has gone out of the window!

The star says that Polly HAD been sleeping for seven hours at a time, but as her teeth have started coming through, she is barely sleeping at all!

'Polly was getting a good seven hours' sleep at a time,' Kym told the magazine, 'But she's started teething so we're back down to three and she doesn't nap during the day. If she sleeps at all, it's for 10 minutes. So, we can't really do a routine because she's not one of those babies.'

Kym adds that her return to work 'has been very stressful because I do have this house full of children,' but says she is sticking to reading her scrips straight after work rather than trying to learn them whilst also on night-time baby duty!

'I'm not having to juggle learning lines with night-time duties. I'm trying to do the script-reading when I get home from work, but we're not getting much sleep at the moment, to be honest!'

Working mum Kym now has three children David, 16, and Emily, 14, from a previous relationship, and newborn Polly. She and Jamie tragically lost a baby, Archie, in 2009. Polly was born five weeks early, weighing just over 4lbs.

Kym tells the Radio Times that Polly has been on medication for reflux, but is now on solid food and is 'loads better than she was': 'Now that she's on solid food, it's not as easy for her to bring stuff back up!'

Aw, we hope Kym and Polly manage to get some sleep soon!

Did your well-established sleep routine fall to pieces once your baby started teething?