Nine-Year-Old Boy Saves Life Of Pal Impaled On Park Railings

Nine-Year-Old Boy Saves Life Of Pal Impaled On Park Railings

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A little boy of NINE has been hailed a hero after saving his best friend's life in a shocking accident at a park.

Stanley Clifford rescued his pal Jae Harvey after he became impaled on park railings in Worle, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset

The railing was four inches in Jae's stomach after he slipped whilst climbing on them, but pint-sized hero Stanley LIFTED him off, laid him down on a bench, and raced off to get help from their parents.

The youngster was rushed to Weston General Hospital, before being transferred by ambulance to Bristol Children's Hospital.

Jae's mum Dawn, 40, told reporters: 'We are so grateful for what he did, he's a real hero.'

Plucky Stanley said: 'I knew I was strong enough to lift him.'

Medics told Jae's mum he'd had a very 'lucky escape'. The relieved mum said: 'The railing went four inches into his stomach, but it missed all of the serious muscles and internal organs. They said if it hadn't have been at that angle he might not have been so lucky.'

'We're just all so grateful to Stanley for what he did – one of the first things that Jae said to me in the hospital was 'my best friend Stanley saved my life.'

Jae is now recovering at home, whilst the park is undergoing a safety review.

What a brave boy to have acted so calmly in such an awful situation!