One In Three Women Dislike Bedtime Cuddles

Men Need Bedtime Cuddles More Than Women

It's long been thought that women are the most demanding when it comes to bedtime cuddles, while men prefer to roll over and fall asleep. But new research suggests that the opposite is true.

A recent study by Silent Night found that one in three women dislike cuddling at bedtime and while 55% do manage an intimate clinch in bed with their other half, one in three secretly can't stand it.

When responding to an intimate embrace, 77% of women admit that they prefer the 'hug and roll' technique, where they hug their partner until they fall asleep before disentangling themselves to the other side of the bed.

One in five say that all-night hugging is too uncomfortable for them to sleep and one in 10 admitted that they would rather check in on Facebook than snuggle up to their partner. Women despise it so much, they only manage to give one hug a week.

Men are far more likely to get annoyed by their partner's lack of affection with 36% blaming lack of hugging as a catalyst for bedtime rows.

"There is a general consensus that women prefer cuddling to men. But, according to our research, this clearly isn't the case," says a Silent Night spokesperson

"By their own admission men admit they are the ones most likely to kick up a fuss if they don't get their night-time cuddle. It seems men are much more sensitive than even they realise and they certainly crave that loving feeling that comes with a cuddle significantly more than their partners do."