The Shoes That Could Help You Drop A Dress Size

The Shoes That Could Help You Drop A Dress Size

Never mind the diet, the key to looking slimmer is all in your shoes, according to technologists at high-street retailer, Debenhams.

Nude heels, as favoured by celebrities such as Kate Middleton, are the secret to a longer, leaner look, according to the store's fashion experts.

For the optimum effect, the shade must match the wearer's natural skin tone, acting as an extension of the leg.

For that all-important height boost women are advised to go for a minimum heel height of three inches with stilettos coming out on top as the most slimming heel shape.

Platforms add additional height but must be concealed and at least a centimetre deep.

The final criteria was that ankle straps must be avoided at all costs as they break up the line of the leg making it appear shorter and wider.

To test the theory, women were shown two images of the same woman, one of her wearing the slimming shoes and one without. The volunteers who saw the image of the woman wearing the shoes guessed that she was a whole dress size slimmer than those who saw her without.