US X Factor Fashion: Nicole Vs Paula

US X Factor Fashion: Nicole Vs Paula

It's the second week of X Factor live shows over the pond and even though the American version is only on its first series Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul seem to have got the hang of the most important bit - the fashion face off!

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While Paula turned to prints and sparkles to wow viewers Nicole relied on a good old-fashioned flash of leg from beneath a long black dress.

Ultimately we've decided that although Nicole's choice of a black dress was never going to go disastrously wrong, it hasn't gone amazingly right either. The top is rather fussy and the split feels like it would work slightly better if it was further to the side. Paula, on the other hand... it's a lot to take in all in one go but it's also a lot of fun.

Here are the closeups from the waist up:

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Whose look do you prefer?

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And you can take a trip down memory lane to a time when Cheryl was still on the show with the gallery below:


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