09/11/2011 11:52 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Double Time: Holly Valance Wears The Same Lace LBD At Two London Events

Strictly Come Dancing contestant Holly Valance picked a figure-hugging lace LBD to attend a brace of London events on Tuesday night.

Double time: Holly Valance wears the same lace LBD at two London events Photo: Getty

The star joined boyfriend Nick Candy to pop in to The Evening Standard's Top 1000 Most Influential of London (of whom MyDaily contributing editor Mary Katrantzou was one. Actually, we think she's so influential she should have received more than one place on the list, but that's another matter) before taking herself, her LBD, her maroon ankle boots and her boyfriend over to the Crystal Christmas inspired by Swarovski dinner at Harrods.

SIDENOTE: We would like to see Holly Valance wearing a valance sheet one of these days.

In the backstory we have created for her in our head, her father invented the valance sheet to conceal things which he stored under the bed from his wife. This included a vast collection of pocket watches - the product of a lifelong addiction - and something which he feared she would confiscate if she ever found out.

What do you think of Holly's lacy look?

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