09/11/2011 07:44 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Government Must Warn Of Mobile Phone Risk To Kids, Say Scientists

Young boy chatting on mobile phone Rex Features

Experts are urging government to warn the public about the 'heath time bomb' dangers of mobile phones - and in particular, their risk to children.

A group of leading scientists have published a report claiming the Government is underplaying the 'enormous' health risks the devices potentially carry.

They cite in excess of 200 academic studies linking mobile phone use with conditions such as brain tumours, and highlight the risk to youngsters whose skulls are more susceptible to radiation. The researchers point to several studies linking long-term mobile phone use to development of a rare type of brain tumour called a glioma.

Although the reports' authors admit the links are not proven, they say that 'schools, phone shops and the healthcare system' should be enlisted into a campaign to reduce mobile phone use.

"Both the Government and phone companies could very easily do far more to alert the public, particularly children, to the emerging risks and safety measures, " they say.

They further claim Government of "downplaying uncertainty" over safety, adding: "This was the kind of wishful thinking that cost lives with tobacco and asbestos'."

Critics of the proposals say that scientists have found only inconclusive evidence and a campaign would cause panic amongst the public.

Do you worry about your child's exposure to mobile phones or phone masts?

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