09/11/2011 07:56 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Totally Tropical Taste: Versace For H&Amp;M's Star-Studded Launch

First and foremost we would like to applaud Mark Ronson, who arrived at the Versace for H&M launch in New York last night wearing head-to-toe flamingo pink. That's trousers, jacket, shirt AND shoes, all in matching pink. We'll pause so that you can clap, either his bravery or his commitment - we don't mind which.

Totally tropical taste: Versace for H&M's star-studded launch L-R: Blake Lively, Emma Roberts, Nicki Minaj and Mark Ronson. Photos: AP

Finished? Good-o.

Right, well Mark was joined at the event by a whole host of A-listers including Blake Lively (disappointingly monochrome but resplendently bust-tacular), Emma Roberts (print corset, leggings, gorgeous shoes), Nicki Minaj (long sleeved top, leggings - but of course - and rainforest hairdo).

Also present: Uma Thurman, Alan Cumming (rocking a zebra vibe) Selma Blair, Helena Christensen, Ke$ha...

Actually, rather than list them all out, just take a peep at the gallery below - most are wearing items from the collection too so if you see something you fancy, pop it on your Christmas list!

And view the complete collection here: