10/11/2011 07:18 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Teen Mum Says TV Appearance To Put Her Off Parenthood Made Her More Broody

Teen mum not put off by realities of parenting PA

A teen mum claims her participation in a TV show designed to put youngsters off becoming young mothers had the complete opposite effect.

Chantelle Hudson says she went through a "traumatic abortion" at 14 and "never really got over it" and was determined to have another baby.

When she was given the opportunity to be on a BBC documentary called The Big Decision to learn the harsh realities of being a young parent, her mum, Mandy, 42, thought it would put her off trying for another child. Chantelle found, however, that it merely made her realise she was "ready for the challenge" of becoming a mother.

The programme makers had Chantelle wear a heavy artificial baby bump for a week, watch birthing videos and visit a teen mum who lived in a hostel. She was also given an 'electronic baby' which cried through the night.

Despite this, Chantelle "loved the ­feeling of being needed" and feeling like she "had a purpose."

She told the Mirror: "I'd been through a traumatic abortion when I was 14 and I never really got over it. I knew I was too young for a baby then but I felt the loss instantly."

"I was still crying myself to sleep every night. I longed to have a baby of my own. It had woken a deep need in me to have babies."

The documentary made her "more certain than ever" that she wanted a baby, and within a year of filming, Chantelle fell pregnant.

"When I held Jayden my life ­finally felt complete. My mum gave me her full support and that meant so much," said Chantelle, who is now 19.

"I don't think that anyone is ever ready for a baby but I've proved that, no ­­matter how old you are, all it takes is ­a bit of ­practise and a lot of love ­and patience."

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