11/11/2011 07:35 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Suri Cruise Shows She's Not Just A Pretty Face!

Suri Cruise shows she's not just a pretty face! Getty

Sometimes, all that smiling and posing for the cameras can make a girl just a little bit grumpy. Suri Cruise point-blank and (rather refreshingly) refused to perform for the press and decided to have a bit of a strop-day!

Instead of smiling sweetly, mischievous Suri, five, flashed the lensman a gurning grimace and a ferocious roar.

Suri was out and about with mum Katie Holmes, 32, as they arrived at the David Letterman Show in New York to talk about Jack and Jill, the new movie starring Katie and Adam Sandler.

While her actress mum was typically stunning in a black leather coat, Suri also showed her fashion class in a pretty pink dress, pink coat (for once!), flat shoes and clutching a cuddly cow toy.

Suri Cruise shows she's not just a pretty face! PA

Sandler joked this week how he had made a wife-swapping pact with Tom Cruise, offering his wife to the superstar in return for Katie appearing in his film.

Katie plays Adam's on-screen wife in the new release, in which the comedy star plays both a brother and sister.