13/11/2011 17:06 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

10 Best Family Gifts Under £10

There are so many special offers around right now, you can really make the most of your Christmas budget and pick up some nifty gifts in the process. Sainsbury's, Superdrug and Boots all have 3 for 2 offers across their ranges. Woolworths, which has now migrated online, recently announced cutbacks in toy prices of up to 50%.

Heck, even GoGo Hamsters are back in the shops and available for £9.99 and not the crazy prices some fools were trying to flog them for on eBay.

Here's a round up of some of the coolest gifts under £10 around right now to delight your family:

  • Stylophone
    Remember these? As advertised by Rolf Harris in the 1970's. Currently reduced to just under a tenner at Amazon. I've bought one of these for my daughter but to be honest she'll be lucky if she gets a look in.
  • 20Q
    This is a fantastic little game. You ask it questions, and it reads your mind and guesses what you're thinking. How does it do that? I think it has a mini Derren Brown hidden inside. The more expensive up-to-date versions feature The Simpsons and Harry Potter, meaning that the original version is now reduced in price and widely available for around £8.
  • Past Times
    The shop for vintage gifts has a great selection of retro gifts and toys for under £10. I particularly like the Bagpuss musical toy, the Sooty glove puppet and the mini Paddington Bear with suitcase - so cute.
  • Club Penguin Puffles
    A great small gift for a boy at only £6.50. Though they're so cute, you'll want more than one.
  • CEWE Photobooks
    Photobooks have a reputation for being expensive, but these ones from Jessops start at only £6.
  • John Lewis website
    They've collected a list of nearly 300 gifts for all ages under £10 here. Highlights include the Keep Calm an Carry On range, some extra-cute mini torches for bookworms and lots of yummy chocs
  • Hamleys magic pens
    The legendary toy shop has a great range of own brand art supplies, and a big favourite in our house are these magic pens. You draw in once colour, then go over with a special marker to reveal another pen and make creative patterns.
  • Smencils
    Also known as smelly pencils - create drawings good enough to eat with this set of scented, recycled art accessories reduced to just under £10 at Auravita.
  • Pocket SkyO
    A kind of flexible frisbee that folds up small into a tiny little pouch. Very durable and portable and, unlike a frisbee, can be used indoors. Would make a great stocking filler.
  • Tiny Orchestra
    A gift for the child of the parents you dislike - this little set of instruments from Shiny Shack has everything a little noisemaker needs to create one heck of a racket.